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Pilates is a low impact form of exercise designed to strengthen the deep abdominals and gluteal muscles, which all help to support the lower back and hips. By strengthening the core you provide your body with a strong stable base from which to move. You will also work on muscles further up the spine and around the shoulder blades to support good posture in the spine as a whole. Physiotherapists rehabilitate clients using exercise every day, so as Chartered Physiotherapists we are perfectly placed to teach Pilates classes. 

At present we have 2 online Pilates classes running: 

Wednesday 930am 

Thursday 630pm 

These take place on zoom “live” or are available as a recording should you be unable to attend the live class. 

Ashley trained with the APPI who teach modified pilates allowing us to make all exercises suitable to everyone of all levels and abilities and ensure everyone works at a level that is appropriate for them. We will ensure you are challenged within a class but also use the correct form and control to gain the maximum benefit from a class. 

If you have no previous pilates experience we would recommend a 1:1 session to ensure you are familiar with the 5 key principles of pilates and happy with the terminology and which level to work at within a class, as well as allowing you to ask any questions you may have regarding pilates or the class. 

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